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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  July 30, 2009 9:00am-9:39am EDT

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i'm in love. see you, rob. >> look at her. >> this is carmen. she's up for adoption at the maryland spca. she's just a puppy. we're going to try to not only get her a home but if you have questions for dr. fioramonti, he's the vet that comes in thursdays he'll answer your questions. she's like, are a -- where am i? she's wjlaing hertail. sharks. here's a guy that is from
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baltimore. he'll be on the discovery channel with this new -- a whole documentary about sharks. it's a shark week. watch yourself. we're also going to be talking about the center club today. any time you get invited from you know you've made it. up the spiral staircase. and santa claus on the water in august. if you're wondering about that we're going to tell but a great cause and how you can get involved. also, a new giant is opening. a new scam. joce sterman is going to introduce us to this. feel this. one hand. >> my god. >> this is national cheesecake day. >> it's heavy. >> our friends at morton's sent it. thank you, judy. there it is. >> nice. >> thanks to judy and jennifer for sending this over. look at the slice. i'm going to do it with my bare hands. that is a chunk of cheesecake. >> it's huge. >> feel that. it's about 18 pounds right
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there. from new york. let's take a look - >> we'll never see her again. >> let's look at the weather with justin berk. >> quick delivery system. i like that. i like the fact that we all dressed to match cheesecake today. did you notice that? it's beige or khaki day. so far, beautiful view doubt. if you like summer, it's a great day. we have sunshine and a little of that heat and humidity but nothing too oppressive yet. 78 feeling like 81 downtown. 75 with the sun coming up over umbc in catonsville. we generally are looking at a very clear sweep of maryland's most powerful doppler radar. the air is stable for the time being, just high clouds, but as we roll through the afternoon can't rule out the chance of an isolated shower or storm. the risk of severe is not there today but isolated showers after our two-degree guaranteed high of 89. the chance of rain will actually go up overnight and through tomorrow. more on that after i eat this cake. back to you. today's top stories --
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we start with what is going on at city hall. new indictments against the mayor today. earlier this year a judge dismissed perjury and miss conduct in office charges against the mayor. the state prosecutor has re-filed those charges arguing that dixon failed to disclose expensive gifts given to her back in 2004 by this man ronald lipscomb. her former boyfriend. the new indictment details several purchases that the mayor made on a trip that the couple took to chicago. though the mayor is possibly facing a battle she says it's business as usual for her. >> i'm going to stick to my schedule. i mean, that's a commitment that i make. >> i think it's very serious. she's get the best defense team out there but she's probably going to need it. >> her attorney released this statement saying "the new charges are as flawed as those that were previously dismissed and we expect they will meet the same fate. " the indictments come a day after indictments were also handed up against city
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councilwoman helen holton and prominent business developer john paterakis. helen holton and john paterakis are accused of violating campaign finance laws. the state prosecutor says john paterakis gave helen holton $6,000 to help pay for a political poll. stay with abc2 news and we're going to continue to follow these developing stories on the possible corruption in our city government. watch us on the air as well as on line at baltimore county police are searching now for a burglar that they believe hit at least five homes in the glenarm area. each time they say the burglar cuts through a screen and goes through an unlocked window. if you have any information about the burglaries call baltimore county police at 887-2210. the dc woman accused of killing her four daughters has been found guilty by a jury. banita jacks was convicted of murder and premeditated murder. marshall deputies found her daughters' decomposing bodies
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in january while evicting her from her southeast washington rowhome. they were between the ages of 5 and 16 years old when killed. jacks told prosecutors her daughters were possessed by the devil. the self-proclaimed white supremacist accused of killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust museum has been indicted. james von brunn has been charged with first degree murder. hate crime charges are also added to those in the case against von brunn who lived in annapolis at the time of the shooting. dc authorities say the 89-year-old shot and killed a museum guard. family and friends will remember the four people killed in a helicopter crash along i-70 near hagerstown last week. queen -- advance helicopter concepts says a service for 48-year-old kim felix is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon indamous cast -- damascus. and for george tudor, 6:00 tonight in manchester. changes to the i-70 roadway. state highway officials say they plan to change the traffic
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patterns on some of that road. the changes are meant to slow down vehicles and deat the de -- deter illegal street racing on the highway in baltimore. the investigation into june's deadly metro train crash near washington, dc. federal investigators say adjustments were made to the system. a piece of equipment was replaced. the ntsb says that the progress for replacing this equipment before the accident called for changes to the track's circuit signal strength. the president will chat tonight with a few beers with a african-american college professor and white cop who arrested him. this involves the president injecting himself in the middle of the story. dr. henry gates jr. was arrested by sergeant james crowley two weeks ago after apparently forcing his way into his own house when the lock
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jammed. the professor wants an apology. the sergeant says he did what he thought was right. the president hopes a few beers will hope what calms a racial is a agreement. the problem of homelessness in baltimore city. this time women. we're trying to get them off the streets. we'll explain coming up. and shark week. we're going to talk with a baltimore man who knows them very well. and this is your movies on demand screen.
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we have a 14-year-old texas girl recovering at home now after being bitten by a shark. it happened at the gulf of mexico near padre island. she says she was in chest-deep water and felt something tugging on her leg. 15 stitches later she has quite a story to tell. do stories like this give us a distorted view of sharks and the perceived danger? a local expert helps us to set this record straight. it's "shark week" on the discovery channel out of silver spring. marine biologist andy diehard joins us now. he got his start at the national aquarium volunteering. you're in california now? >> that's right. i'm in one of my other favorite aquariums in long beach. >> this is a 14-year-old texas girl. is it more common now just
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stepping into the ocean here in the atlantic? especially seeing these sharks so close? >> actually, it is very rare. the reality of being involved in a shark attack, there's less than 100 a year worldwide. last year there were only 59 attacks resulting in only four fatalities. your risk of shark attack, extremely low, it's more dangerous to drive to the beach. >> what don't we understand about the sharks? expht common perception, that they are mindless eating machines. they are not. they are capable of learning, trained behaviors, they are not eating machines. they have a very specific diet and humans are not on it. >> we were too young for this. 1916. blood in the water movie that came out. it inspired "jaws," right? >> that's correct. "shark week" kicks off this sunday, 9:00 eastern, a show called "blood in the water," a look at the 1916 shark attacks that happened on the i-shore, five fay -- jersey shore, five fatalities in 10 days. it was an inspiration for
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"jaws." >> what did you learn? >> we learned a lot about sharks. it happened a long time ago. back then they thought sharks were monsters. they are a critical part of our ecosystem that need to be saved. >> you you you take us to scenes we've never seen before. >> we've got six premieres that will be airing this week. we've got a show that i helped co-host "shark after dark" which looks at what they are doing when the sun goes down. >> what are they doing? >> they seem to be a little more aggressive, more actively feeding at night. that's what we found working with lemon sharks from the bahamas as well as sharks from north carolina. >> what in the world made you jump into the water to study sharks in the first place? >> i was 5 years old snorkeling in the florida keys with my dad and got to see a 6-foot caribbean reef shark. that chains the focus of my life. i knew i wanted to work with sharks. i got my start in the aquarium
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in baltimore. >> where were you from the shark? >> less than 100 feet. definitely a life-changing experience. >> evidently. "shark week" on the discovery channel. see you when you come back home. >> sounds good. >> it's next week, starting sunday, the discovery channel. check your local listings. its something to see, justin. don't worry about sharks but puppies could take a chunk out of your pants legs. i got a little nip from the cute puppy. let's take to you ocean city. by the way, one of the cleanest beaches in the country. five-star rating by the national resources events council. the report coming out yesterday. good for them. and most of the mid-atlantic beaches doing pretty well. time lapse this morning, they are under a partly cloudy sky in ocean city. warm there. and we'll show you that in a
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moment. we're looking at 76 here in town. i'm a little suspicious about the thermter in ocean city but it currently reads 84. it's steamy by the shoreline but most of us mid to upper 70s. factor in some of the humidity and it already feels like 82 in southern maryland. with that 84 in the thermometer, feels like 90 in ocean city, definitely sounds like a beach day to me. nonetheless, we're watching the storms that erupted sunday afternoon around the bay and last evening, overnight to the northwest in carroll and parts of baltimore county up towards southern pennsylvania but as far as we're concerned today just high clouds mixed in. we're generally watching another band of rain pushing through the mountains of southwestern virginia but the overall environment is just primed with all of this moisture that popped showers and storms at any point in time. energy sitting back across the deep south with a wave of low pressure that may enhance our rainfall as we head through tomorrow. the warm stormy weather to the southwest, just really isolated
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storms expected nearby here this afternoon. most of that will be in the mountains. we'll show you the computer models in the next half-hour. right now we're expecting an afternoon temperature, our two-degree guarantee of 89. just an isolated shower but the chance of rain could go up after midnight in towards daybreak. lows down in the muggy low to mid-70s. tomorrow, better chance of showers and storms, two-degree guarantee of 89. 82 tomorrow. 83 saturday with scattered thunderstorms. and warming to 85 by sunday. we're on line any time at for local weather information. 9:15. back to you. as you know jamie has been giving me a hard time with the countdown to my wedding. how many days? >> cal little ken -- cal rip ken eight, eight days >> appropriate because i'm marrying the sports anchor rob carlin. we met at the station. we're very excited, but one thing we're excited about, the shower of hope. this is something that we did, we teamed up with united way,
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ywca. here's how you can help. this is video of a registry with the ceo of the ywca and explained there are disabled homeless women in the community that want permanent housing. they are on their way. they need everything you can imagine. we're talking sheets, cleaning products, mops, gloves. we registered at target for the women specifically. so you can go to a target and do that. you're also looking at video of things people dropped off here. that's an option, too. register at target stores, under pringle and carlin, benefits the my place project, it's until august 3rd. if you have not heard of my place, it's relatively new. you can also drop off at all the locations for my place at our studios or united way of central maryland.
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again, it benefits homeless disabled women. you might be wondering how bad is the homeless situation in our community? who are these women. mary harvey from baltimore county came in to tell us about it. thank you for come in. >> thank you. >> you didn't come in to iron or make coffee. >> i didn't, but did i go to target and bought a couple things off the registry and brought them here just to tell people how easy it is to help with this incredibly creative project. >> these are basics. who are these women? >> these are women who may have a mental illness, who have been living in our shelters and chronically homeless. you mentioned what that means. and typically that means a person who has been homeless for more than one year. or who has had a series of homelessness within a short period of time. and so this is someone who, for whatever reason, has not been able to keep housing or get housing and so this is an effort with the ywca, united
9:18 am
way, now wmar and baltimore county to really create some permanent housing for chronically homeless women. >> baltimore county, somebody might say baltimore county, is that a problem there? >> we, like most jurisdictions around the country right now, all the jurisdictions are experiences some issues with homelessness. while it's difficult for jurisdictions to get an accurate count most times we do know that we shelter about 500 people every night in baltimore county. women and kids, and homeless men. some are chronically homeless, some just cycling in and out of homelessness. could be the loss of a job. could be a health issue that put them into homelessness. it's a variety of issues that bring people to us. >> i think what a lot of people don't realize is many of these women come from domestic violence situations or situations where they have to leave immediately. if they have anything at all
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it's literally just a glad bag of what they could stuff in when they left. >> that is very true. i mean, most people, and because our shelters don't have a lot of space, frankly, people do have to pair down all their belongings. so things like this will come in handy for people to starting a household. >> what is my place? >> my place is a project that we're partnering with, with the ywca and united way. and essentially it will create 13 units of permanent housing. small, modest efficiency-type apartments with case management services and that support of housing component, the services are very important to making sure that women get the help they need to live productive lives. so that's what our goal is. >> people should know, too, with the registry and everything's trying to save money now. everybody's worried about pinching pennies, but there's everything on there from cleaning products to a comforter.
9:20 am
so you can really spend how much you want. >> you absolutely can. even just kitchen utensils for a couple of dollars. the iron was $9. there's certainly a way for people to help at every level out there. >> thank you for letting us do this. it's a happy time for us. we're happy to give back. >> it was a wonderful idea. we appreciate your willingness to share your special day in this special way. >> when my place opens up we'll have to go and give people a tour of it and show the good deeds. >> we hope rob and you will come together and help us cut the ribbon. >> got that, rob? many people have seen elvis for years in canton, especially 2:00 in the morning. coming up next, the statue had to go and why the observer -- why the owner wants to bring elvis back. and a meal that you might not pay for.
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welcome back to "good morning maryland" at 9:00. if you know nacho mamas you know the charm of it. hub caps, sports memorabilia. and until now the elvis statue. >> it stood outside the door for 15 years. now the city says it's in the way. as abc2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us the owner is getting
9:24 am
ready to fight for the king. >> reporter: if your elvis sticks out more than 12 inches from the building you have to put it back inside. statute 32-01 thus so states. that is the problem in anut shell. the elvis was too big for the city to handle or so it would seem. especially since it was out there plain as day for everyone to behold in its elvisness glory. >> it's impeding pedestrian flow. i mean, it was right here, like just -- this. up against the wall. >> reporter: but why after 15 years did elvis have to go? he feels some hound dog didn't like his blue eyes crying in the rain or at least his blue suede shoes. the suspicious minds feel it's someone with a beef who narcked on elvis whose presence is all over the restaurant. a person caught in a trap and can't walk out or can't walk around this icon of canton. >> this points out the hypocrisy of government sometimes to focus and worry
9:25 am
with one complaint, we have to take it in, yet we have thousands of signatures. a lot of people in the neighborhood want it back. >> reporter: the statute is specific, you can't have things in the way of pedestrian flow. someone could get hurt, they could trip, they could fall. you need to have the sidewalks clear so that people can get around without having to run into anything. he's taking a petition with a thousand names to city hall to put the king back on his throne of people like it an are begging the city to -- don't be cruel. >> i think it's silly. it's a part of canton. it's a part of the tradition for the renaissance here and i think it's silly it's not there now. >> reporter: he's leading these people downtown friday. they want the king back because without it things are just all shook up. in canton, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> quit yelling at your tv screen and go to the computer now. what do you think? should the city force the restaurant to remove its elvis statue? and to take part in our on-line poll go to
9:26 am
look on the right side of your home page. from one restaurant to another, the owner ricardo of soto sopra had a challenge for us last night. in you think you're - >> if you think you're a gambler, come on down. a coin is flipped to see if the customer has to pay for the dinner or not. if they win they just have to pay tax and tips. he says the idea is a baltimore first and will probably be copied because it's a good one. remember where your bread was buttered first though. we'll find out today how many people actually won. it looks like the people sitting there. >> let's see the reaction. ah! a couple of organizations in our area are trying to help those around them. how does one encourage economic growth? and the other is bringing
9:27 am
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ever invited to have lunch at the center club? you know you've made it. the center of baltimore's business world, howard miller's business, to tell us more about the center club. welcome >> thank you. >> you've been a member since -- >> 1966. >> four years after it opened. >> after it got started. >> 1962. why did it open? >> in the 1950s, as they were rebuilding the downtown baltimore the wonderful people in baltimore, when they wanted to have a quiet special luncheon or dinner meeting it was an embarrassment. there were too many restricted clubs downtown where people, by religion, color, could not go to lunch there. some of the clubs you could be a guest. some of them you couldn't even go. half a dozen of the best people in the city of baltimore said when we finish rebuilding the city of baltimore we're going to have a business persons' club where everybody can attend and when they open one charles center which was the first building on the top floor was the club.
9:31 am
ing about going strong since 1962. >> you knocked the walls down in 1962 and you're doing it again. tell me about it. >> we're in the midst of spending almost $3 million. we're going to rebuild our whole 15th floor. we're going to create a better dining room on our 15th floor. in the existing room there's no bar area. we're going to build a bar area, a lounge area. private wine room. a private room that will seat up to 30. if you want to have a corporate business meeting or private -- everything overlooking the harbor. >> you're not doing anything with the spiral staircase? >> no. >> don't touch that. >> no. if you've ever been there it's fascinating. who is eating lunch with whom? that's where the deals are made in baltimore. that's where they were made and still are. not only the business deals but helping out others in the community, right? >> it's hard to imagine how many dollars have changed hands in the purchase of sale or business alone and 501c3s. we have a tremendous number of them. the presence and development
9:32 am
officers. there's been millions of dollars of charity funds raised over lunch there. i would think one of our -- from the baltimore symphony orchestra, at times they raised millions. i know myself millions of dollars were raised. >> how long does it get the other person across the table to sign on the dot -- dotted line? two hours? >> i've done business deals there and closed $28 million business deal at lunch. >> how often do you go? a week? >> now that i'm president i probably go three times a week. first of all the food is terrific. >> how do you get in? >> we have a membership process. membership fees, initiation fee is small compared to other organizations in town. our initiation fees can be anywhere from $500 to $1250. our dues are reasonable.
9:33 am
our dues can be anywhere -- we have 11 categories of memberships. our goal is to get people in. at a reasonable price. our annual dues are anywhere from $200 to $985 a year. >> i take it that when you're discussing over lunch you kind of talked about the economy knowing how it was going to tank and now you're back there trying to say if it's going to recover. you guys are pretty well adapted seeing the future. >> we run a wonderful organization so we have held up well during the difficult times. our members are very loyal. we operate in the black. we have today over 1,500 members still going strong. >> i'll see you down there for lunch. let's make a deal. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming here. 1966. still the president. >> incredible. this next thing is for you. better watch out, better not cry because of course santa claus is coming to town.
9:34 am
i know what you're thinking. he's a little early. but it's for a good cause. the third annual santa sail. bud boblets is here to tell us about it. change -- thank you for coming in. what is the santa sail? >> it's an event that evolved over the last three years. we started it three years ago. it was basically started on a dare to get on the catama ran, a boat with a canvas on top of it. they race them, they get elevated out of the water. we were not planning that but just me getting on there, not being able to swim was a challenge. i thought, ok, this was a challenge to me as a dare, my friends and family would raise money and they did. we raised $1,000. we are evolving. it's a fun time. we have a great time and it's fun to get on the boats. this year, as an example we have a sailboat being added, a
9:35 am
sing of -- single-hull sailboat people can get on if they are afraid of it, we won't race them. just going up and down the inner harbor. >> you said your family and friends kicked in $1,000. this is a fundraiser. >> santa claus anonymous is an organization that has been founded in 1934. 75 years. this is a milestone for us. we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. certainly our mission is dedicated to assuring as much as we can that there are kids -- the kids have a happy christmas with those not as fortunate as we are. we've reached out on an average, 15,000 to 17,000 on an annual basis through christmas. if you think about that in terms of, from 1934 to the day that is probably well near over a million, 1.5 million of children in some way we've pushed to put a smile on their
9:36 am
face. that is priceless. you can't put a value on that. >> amazing. >> that's what we're all about. our service area are the area the baltimore, pretty much the surrounding baltimore area, baltimore county, baltimore city, anne arundel county, as far north as harford and as far west as frederick. i think i mentioned howard county. we're a broad-based organization around the baltimore area. >> it's a big thing for kids that don't normally have the opportunity to get presents on christmas. how does the santa sail tie into it? >> what we do there -- this is one of many events we put on. our signature event is a wine-tasting event we'll do in november, around christmas. this is something that started three years ago. we've turned this into a challenge to raise money for santa claus anonymous. what we have is a situation where we have a 16-foot catama ran that people go out for an
9:37 am
hour with, get free lunch and that will cost $100 for that. they get a half-hour ride and that will cost them $50 for that ride. it goes up and down the inner harbor. it goes to the inner harbor and back. it's about a half-hour down, half-hour back. in addition to that we have a -- as mentioned a single hull sailboat that people can get on for $50 and get a half-hour ride for that as well. combine with that, last year we brought in the group as a band and they joined us, called lost highways, a good band, local band plays in the area. we have that as well. this year now we have three bands. i just learned this the other day. it's a fun event. people can go there and if they don't want to get on the boats they can listen to a free concert. there's catering, food, beverages provided. >> we're putting all the information up for those of you at home now.
9:38 am
canton, on the water, listen to music from 11:00 to 4:00. for more information there the number to call and there's the web address. if you missed it this interview as well as the information will be on our web site. thank you so much for coming in. bring us pictures so we can share them with viewers over the week. should elvis stay or go in canton? yes or no. >> yes. >> should stay? >> yes. >> good. all you do on a computer is point and click. now you can point and shop. coming up, grocery shopping made easy. how area shopping centers are helping you track your grocery bill as you shop. a variation of our point and scan. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we're showing a dry sweep now but we may pop showers later today and more likely tomorrow into the weekend. that's coming up. downtown baltimore now, lady megan down there floating across the inner harbor >> what? >> the lady megan.
9:39 am
>> aw.


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